The Toiletlift provides a constant up and down motion at the pressing of a button. Driven by actuators on the left and right sides connected with a synchronic control mechanism the Toiletlift maintains a steady lowering and raising motion.


Width 67,5 cm Width with arm supports 65-70 cm
Depth (front to back) 58 cm Depth with arm supports 68 cm
Min. toiletseat heigth ca. 43 cm
Lowerleg length 36-54 cm
Max.toiletseat rise 60cm
Maximum Load 180 KG (395 Lbs)
Power Connection 24V/230V or with your domestic Volt
Length Power Cable 275 cm.
Material: Stainless Steel Rilsan- and Cathodic electro coating
ABS Covers Colour: White
Guarantee 12 months


Non-contact seat
Multi-user facilities
Extra strong unit till 300kg
Shower edition