Soap dispencer

Hygienic, economical, lockable, shock-resistant. These are the features of this full-automatically soap dispenser. The infrared sensor ensures a hygienic usage, it isn’t necessary anymore to touch the dispenser, besides because of this a lot of soap is saved. The “window” clearly indicates the amount of soap. The device has been equipped in the very strong material ABS. It can be used for soap, but also for lotion or shampoo. Ideal for health care, hotels, restaurants, bakeries, offices, factories. In short, it is ideal for every company in which hygiene plays an important role. You can simply fill up the reservoir yourself with every soap/lotion desired. Guaranteed leak proof.

power by 4 AA battery , 20,000 cycles
capacity: 800ml
material: ABS
color: White
dimensions: 120 * 265 * 113mm (W * H * D)